Joseph Kokesh
President of Kokesh Plumbing

As a master plumber, I’ve navigated through countless pipes, valves, and intricate systems. But there’s one certification that stands out—a badge of honor that signifies my commitment to water safety and public health: ASSE Backflow Certification.

Let’s explore what it means to me and why it matters…

The Basics

What Is ASSE Backflow Certification?

  • ASSE International, a trusted authority, offers specialized certifications for backflow prevention.
  • It’s not just about paperwork; it’s about safeguarding our water supply.

Why Pursue ASSE Backflow Certification?

  • Legal Compliance: Many states require it. Compliance ensures I operate within the law.
  • Public Health: Backflow incidents can contaminate drinking water. My certification helps prevent this.
  • Professional Credibility: ASSE certification adds weight to my resume.
  • Expanded Opportunities: Employers seek ASSE-certified plumbers.
  • Expertise: I gain specialized knowledge in backflow prevention.

My Journey

Training and Exams

  • I enrolled in a comprehensive 40-hour training course.
  • The written and practical exams challenged me, but I emerged prepared.

Validity and Recertification

  • My certification is valid for three years.
  • I stay updated through refresher courses and re-examinations.

Industry Recognition

  • ASSE’s standards are rigorous and respected.
  • Being part of this community elevates my professional standing.

What It Means to Me


  • Every valve I inspect, every assembly I test—it’s not just a task. It’s a responsibility.
  • I protect families, businesses, and communities from water contamination.


  • I’m part of a network that values excellence and safety.

Continuous Learning

  • Backflow prevention evolves. ASSE keeps me informed.
  • I’m not just certified; I’m committed to lifelong learning.


ASSE Backflow Certification isn’t just about technical know-how; it’s about making a difference. So, fellow plumbers, let’s keep those water lines flowing flawlessly. 🚰🔧

For more information, visit the ASSE International Backflow Prevention Certification page.

Stay certified, stay responsible! 🌐🛠️

– Joe Kokesh