Today, March 22, 2022 is World Water Day! This is a United Nations international observance day started in 1993 that is held every March 22, in order to bring awareness of the importance of fresh water. Currently 2 billion people are living without access to safe water and a core focus of world water day is to try create actions that would result in water and sanitation for all by 2030.

Every year has a theme and this year is: Groundwater- making the Invisible Visible.

Ground water is water that is found underground in aquifers, geological formations of sand, rock and gravel that holds water. Almost all the fresh water in the world is ground water, and it is very important to our way of life. We use ground water for everything from farming and industry to ecosystems, supporting drinking water supplies and sanitation systems. Our relationship with ground water is so diverse that we have areas in the world where we have over-used and pollute our groundwater and other areas that we have no idea how much water is down there. This can be a problem because when we over use the water, it is not as quickly recharged by rain and snow leading to shortages, polluted groundwater takes decades or even centuries to recover from and when we don’t know how much groundwater is in an area, we are falling to harness a potential vital water resource.

Ground water is critical for adapting to climate change and becoming aware of the issues surrounding the world’s policies and we need to do all we can to help protect this most vital resource.

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