The Toto Washlet is Toto’s premier bidet toilet seat, often touted as being one of the best bidets worldwide. The Toto Washlet was first introduced in 1980, as the world’s first luxury toilet seat with electronic functionality, and has 12 different styles to suit just about everyone’s needs. The Toto Washlets are designed to fit on most standard North American toilets.

One of the many benefits of a Toto Washlet is that it is very useful for the elderly, people with medical conditions, and people with disabilities.

• Toto Washlets have a drying feature that helps people with limited mobility and muscle weakness clean themselves in a way that can be difficult to do with just toilet paper. It helps minimize the use of your wrist to get at the difficult spots, which is particularly helpful for people with Parkinson’s disease, arthritis and morbid obesity.

• Similarly, people with gastrointestinal tract issues such as Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease can find some relief by using a Toto Washlet, which helps eliminate the use of chafing toilet paper and also the cooling jet of water can help elevate the pain and burning of more frequent and painful bowel movements.

• Toto Washlets are much gentler on the skin as compared to toilet paper. Toilet paper can very rough on the skin, irritating the skin and can even cause tiny cuts or bleeding. Toto Washlets provide a soothing stream of water to our most sensitive areas, which especially is helpful for people with hemorrhoids and anal fissures and it helps reduce pressure in that area.

• It is also very helpful for seniors with poor hand-eye coordination, who are unable to trim their nails well, it stops them from cutting themselves while trying to clean themselves, which can lead to pain and infections.


Toto Washlets are much better for the environment than the traditional products for the bathroom.

• Toilet paper and flushable wipes are harsh on the environment, making toilet paper is a very labor-intensive process that involves pulping millions of trees and billions of gallons of water and flushable wipes are not biodegradable, and clump together to clog sewer systems.

• Toto Washlets are great for preventing clogs in your home and in the sewer systems. Toilet paper and flushable wipes can clog pipes, Toto Washlets only use a bit more water per flush than the usually flush and even have air dryers that climate the need to use toilet paper to dry off. In fact, more than 660 million gallons of water is needed every year to make toilet paper for just American adults alone, and the average American household of 4 uses 360 rolls of toilet paper a year, and the average American uses 90 rolls of toilet paper a year.

• Toto Washlets use way less water, no trees, and does not contribute the plastic that flushable wipes negatively effect the environment. Toto Washlets also perform a pre-mist of the toilet bowl before each use to prevent waste from adhering, which means the toilets need less cleaning, helping to keep harsh chemicals out of the ecosystem.

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We are super excited to be part of TOTO’s history and these millions of installations!

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