Spring Plumbing Maintenance is so important because it helps prevent problems throughout the year and can save you money on water bills.

De-winterize and test backflows

Winter is especially hard on any outdoor piping- having your backflow checked along with irrigation for any freezing or broken parts is a necessary part of Sprinkler maintenance. The Test that comes along with this service is especially important to stay in compliance with your local municipality or St. Louis County


Clean gutters and downspouts

While gutters and downs spouts may not technically be part of your plumbing system, it is an important part of spring maintenance as they carry water away from your home and when backed up can lead to costly water leaks inside your home


De-winterize outside faucets

Like any outside pipes, winter is especially tough on outside faucets. Checking these by opening the shut off valves and slowly turning on the faucet so that you only have a small amount of water running and can check for leaks at the faucet and the pipe that runs into your home, will save you a surprise when its time to start watering in a few months.


Check/test your sump pump

Being prepared for spring showers means checking your sump pump regularly. Grabbing a bucket or two of water and pouring into the sump pit till the float switch is raised will allow you to watch and see that the sump is turning on properly and the water is lowering


Exercise all shut off valves

Turning your shut off valves on and off or exercising them will help make sure they don’t seize after years of not being used. Remember the shut off valves should be located at all fixtures: toilets, sinks, water heater, fridge water lines, and the main shut off to your home.

With so many spring projects and maintenance to attend to, don’t forget that you can always schedule Kokesh Plumbing to come out and lend you a hand with all your plumbing needs!

So why wait? Get started on your spring projects and ensure your plumbing is ready for the season with a little maintenance and a touch of Kohler flair!