Happy New Year! We love to make New Year’s resolutions and we think that saving water and money should be a part of your New Year’s goals. Making sure that your house is in tip-top shape at the beginning of the year helps set the tone for how the rest of your year will go. Here are a few tips that get you home in order for a smooth year:


  • Insulate water pipes by wrapping them with insulation tubes made from polyethylene of fiberglass in unheated areas of your home. This will help them from freezing during the coldest days of winter.
  • Use low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators that will reduce the water flow without reducing the pressure
  • You should check your pipes, toilets and faucets often for leaks, and if you do find a leak, please give us a call at 636-391-1233 so that we can help you fix that leak.
  • Make sure to drip your faucets when the temperature stays below freezing by letting a small trickle run over night. This should help prevent the pipes from freeing over
  • Check for leaks in and out of your home after the first big thaw
  • Have us come out to walk your property line after the first thaw to inspect waterlines
  • Only run your dish and clothing washers when they are full and use the water-saving cycle if available on your washers