JJ Kokesh and Son Plumbing is proud to announce that we are now the St. Louis exclusive TOTO factory authorized, warranty service, for the Toto Neorest and Washlet.

Toto is the largest toilet manufacturer in the world, their focus is enriching lives with clean technology. At the root of that focus is the Neorest and Washlet collections, integrated or attachable bidets whose seats open and close automatically, have seat warmers, deodorizers, blow dryers, night lights, and auto- flush!

Joe Kokesh, our owner, recently flew to Ontario, California for a few weeks to go through TOTO’s extensive training program. Every day Joe took apart, reassembled, and studied 18 different models of Neorest and the Washlets at their facility. He is now a certified installer and factory authorized service technician.

Please give us a call if you want to know more or have any questions about installing or serving your TOTO product, our number is (636) 391-1233.