Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters (also called heat pump water heaters) are fast becoming a popular choice for people that want to switch from a standard electric water heater to something more efficient. There are 2 different ways that you can think of in terms of how a Hybrid water heater works:

– First is hybrid water heaters operate the opposite of a refrigerator- by generating the air around it to heat the water inside. Instead of expelling hot air to cool a refrigerator or freezer, a hybrid water heater pulls hot air in to warm the water.

– Another way of thinking about hybrid water heaters is that they operate like a hair dryer- by suctioning in the air around it to then generate hot water inside the tank. A little added bonus with the hybrid water heaters is that because it is pulling the hot air into it, it can help keep your home cooler.

Why choose hybrid water heater?

– Hybrid water heaters are more energy efficient than a regular electric water heater. Much like a tankless water heater, a hybrid water heater does not need to run all the time, however they will fill their tanks in when usage is up, to keep up with demand.

– Hybrid water heaters are very environmentally friendly. Their carbon footprint is anywhere from 2-4x lower than a more traditional electric water heater.

– REBATES!  Ameren and Energy Star Tax Credit

We are able to source any type of water heater you prefer.

What are the drawbacks of a hybrid water heater?

  • Hybrid water heaters are more costly than regular electric water heaters. The technology is newer and the installation is more complex which makes the cost more than a traditional electric water heater.
  • Hybrid water heaters occupy more space than a regular tank type water heater. Hybrid water heaters are bigger than most electric water heaters and you will need at least 1000 cubic feet of open-air space around the hybrid water heater.
  • Hybrid water heaters require a condensate drain.

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Our Preferred Brand of Water Heater is RUUD/RHEEM

We are Certified Ruud/Rheem Installers, part of their PRO Plumber Program.

Use the Ruud/Rheem energy calculator to see costs between a tank or tankless type water heater:

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