Adopting Homeless Youth for Christmas with Epworth Children and Family Services

2014-Holiday-CardFor the second year in a row J.J. Kokesh and Son has teamed up with Epworth Children and Family Services to adopt homeless youth for Christmas.  We have adopted three youth so far, two girls and a boy and our hope is to beat last year’s record of 5!

Epworth Children and Family Services is an amazing organization that helps hundreds of children each year, be they homeless, in foster care, or just in need extra support from caring adults at their school or drop in centers.  I was lucky enough to work with this organization as a Case Manager before I joined my husband Joe to run J.J. Kokesh and Son.  I truly believe in the work they do and the need to help support all children.

Donating, volunteering, and generally being participatory in our community is very important to us here at J.J. Kokesh and Son.  I have been overwhelmed by our employee’s generosity, it was through their donations and our match that we were able to adopt 5 children last year.  When we give back, not only do we help others but we gain so much in return.

Below is a list of our first three youth’s wishes.  If you would like to donate with us this year, contact us at 636-391-1233 or email us at

Thank you in advance!

Everyone at JJ Kokesh and Son wishes you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Grant A Wish Poster- epworth 2015


18 Year old girl– favorite color is pink

Small TV for bedroom- Moving into her own apartment for first time!

Baking Utensils

Gift Cards

19 year old boy– favorite color is gray

Dress Shoes- Men’s Size 9 1/2 – Interview Clothes

Dress Shirts- Men’s Large – Interview Clothes

Music Player

18 Year old girl-favorite color is purple

Winter Clothes-girls size 13-pants and mediums and larges in shirts

Winter Shoes- Women’s size 8.5

Headphones & music player


-Megan Kokesh

Thanksgiving Tips to Avoid an Emergency Plumbing Call

turkey 2015

The Day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest of the year for us at J.J. Kokesh and Son.  Help avoid having to call us this year by following these easy steps.

The Disposer:

  • Run the disposer with cold water the day before to make sure it is clear.
  • Put only small pieces of food into the disposer.
  • Do Not use the disposer for fats, oils, bones, vegetable peels, coffee grounds, and egg shells.
  • If you do get a clog, don’t use chemical drain cleaners as they are dangerous to have around food and can damage your home’s pipes.


  • If you are hosting this year, try switching your toilet paper to single ply.
  • Keep a trash can visible.
  • Remember many bathroom products that say flushable are not!


  • Make sure that you have strainers for all of the tub and shower drains.
  • Allow for at least a half an hour between showers to allow for proper drainage.

Also you need to eat lots of pumpkin pie because this helps everything!

I hope that following these simple tips will help keep your Thanksgiving stress free – from plumbing issues at least.  If you do find yourself having a plumbing emergency, don’t worry we are on call 24 hours a day!  Just give us a call and we will get you taken care of.

From everyone here at J. J. Kokesh and Son we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with delicious food, friends,  and family!

-Megan Kokesh


Product Highlight: Woodford 22 Series

Woodford Model 22Woodford Model V22

When ever I find a great new product, my first thought is our customers, which is why I am highlighting the Woodford 22, a hot and cold water outside faucet. Woodford is already our outside faucet of choice, they are virtually maintenance free and won’t freeze or burst in subzero temperatures.  With the added feature of hot water outside, the Woodford 22 becomes a must have amenity!

Having an adjustable hot and cold water faucet within easy reach of your dirtiest projects make them a breeze.  Any spring cleaning from windows, to garages, to siding are finished that much faster with hot water blasting out of your hose.

Summer fun with the kids won’t end in blue lips and fingers when you can add warm water with the turn of a handle to your sprinklers and pools.  Washing pets outside will be faster and easier with your hot and cold outside hose.  I’ve already asked Joe to install one to help make washing Rosie our new puppy, outside that much simpler.  washing dog outside-bulldog

     Making all of your outside projects one step easier is as simple as calling the shop at 636-391-1233 to set up your appointment today!

-Megan Kokesh

What will the new water heater guidelines mean for you?

Water HeatersEffective April 16th, 2015 the requirements for water heaters are changing. The Department of Energy has updated the energy factor requirements (EF) for all gas, electric, oil, and tankless water heaters making them much more energy efficient. These new requirements could change the price, size, and exhaust systems of all new water heaters.

Tankless water heaters new minimum energy factors (EF) will be set at .82. Luckily most of the newer tankless water heaters already have an energy factor rating of .82 or better. Switching from a tank style water heater to tankless oftentimes requires increased voltage, or new gas piping, and relocation for venting purposes.

For electric water heaters under 50 gallons, which are already very efficient, the most noticeable change will be to the amount of insulation. The added insulation could increase both the height and diameter of the water heaters. For electric water heaters over 55 gallons the only currently viable technology are electric heater pump water heaters. This could mean relocation for height and diameter requirements.

Oil and Gas model water heaters under 50 gallons will now require additional insulation, electric ignition, and/or new flue baffling technology. The overall impact will be seem in larger sizing. Oil and Gas water heaters over 55 gallons will now require high efficiency, fully condensing combustion technology along with additional insulation. This will require increased line voltage, along with possible relocation of water heaters for venting and height requirements.

The biggest impact on consumers will be pricing. While the new water heaters will have a lower operating cost due to increased efficiency. Current projections place a 40% increase on water heater installation as of April 16th.   This price increase is due to many different factors. The price of the water heater itself is going up in some cases over 30%. Many installations that were once a one man job will need two men as water heaters become larger and heavier. Depending on the design many of the new water heaters will now require electricity and condensing water heaters require 120 VAC. Many of the new installations will now require drains in the vicinity and/or condensate pumps. The new water heaters could also require exhaust systems, which will need to be vented through the side wall of the home or through the roof. If a heat pump water heater is installed they generally require a 10’ x 10’ room or ducting to an adjoining room to operate properly. The relocation of new water heaters may need to be done for anyone of these reason but also due to increased noise associated with the blowers, fans, condensers, ect.

Here at J.J. Kokesh and Son we are already working on training our plumbers on the new standards and acquiring all of the new technology needed to install and repair the new water heaters. For further information on the April 16th changes or to schedule a water heater installation, give us a call at 636-391-1233.

Source: Plumbing Standards Magazine  |  January/2015

– Megan Kokesh